Dosbarth Pili Palas

Dear Parent / Guardians,

Welcome back to the new school year, I hope you have all had a lovely summer! My name is Mrs. Brown and I am really looking forward to teaching your child throughout the duration of the year. I will be working alongside the fabulous Mrs. Beamson, Mr. Morris and Mr. Dawson who will all be helping to support your child in their daily activities. We plan to provide fun, hands-on learning experiences within a safe and stimulating environment, which will promote your child’s education.

At the start of this term, the children will have an opportunity to discuss what they would like to learn about and together we will create a plan. The outside area will be a fundamental part of our teaching with children having easy access to the area throughout the day. The pupils will develop skills and knowledge, through a range of stimulating and motivating experiences. We will work collaboratively to find out answers to our ‘big questions’ posed by the pupils

Our topic this term will be ‘safety’ and will cover a broad range of objectives. The children will learn how to keep themselves safe in a variety of contexts. We will be identifying those people they have chosen for themselves who they trust and who they would feel comfortable talking to if they have a worry. We will also be considering safer places to play outside of school, contributing to discussions about personal safety, identifying safer places to work and play and know what to do if they get lost. We will also be looking at road safety, who keeps us safe in the community, bonfire safety and how to stay safe on the internet.
It is important to teach children Personal Safety as this will empower them to be able to lead safer lives by learning how to make safer choices not only in school but in their everyday lives.
Our theme will focus on the stories ‘The Dot’, ‘Colour Monsters’ and ‘The Highway Rat’ which includes topics such as bravery, bullying, the importance of sharing and how making the wrong choices will end up with a consequence. We will also be reading little red riding hood and teaching the children about stranger danger.

The children have PE on a FRIDAY and FOREST SCHOOL on a MONDAY. School has an ‘active uniform’ so there is no need for PE kits or changes of clothes for forest school.

Your child’s reading book will be changed on a MONDAY, however, reading takes place throughout the week so your child needs to ensure their book bag is in school EVERY DAY.
Reading to or listening to your child read regularly will have a significant impact on their learning across the curriculum. Any damaged / lost books will need to be replaced by parents / guardians at a cost of £5.

The children will be learning through focused and enhanced activities with an emphasis on play and we hope to develop their independence skills through these activities. Outdoor learning is an integral part of learning, we will use this space daily and in all weathers, so it is essential your child has a waterproof coat. It would be beneficial if you sent in a pair of wellies which can be kept at school to ensure learning can take place outdoors at all times and that the children are suitably dressed for these opportunities.

Thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards

Mrs. Gabby Brown