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Siarter Iaith – Cymraeg Campus

We are currently working towards achieving the Cymraeg Campus Bronze Award (Gwobr Efydd) by the end of the summer term. There are 10 targets in total with a set criteria within each individual target. A display of the targets we are currently working on can be seen inside the Dinner Hall. Please feel free to come and take a look at the targets and share any ideas that you may have that could help us achieve this award.

What is the Welsh Cymraeg Campus Language Charter?

The main aim of the charter is to promote and increase the use of Welsh by children in a whole school context. We want to inspire our children and young people to use Welsh in every aspect of their lives. community – the pupils, the school council, the staff, the parents, the governors and the community. We wish to promote a strong Welsh ethos in Ysgol Swn Y Don and to provide a range of enriching activities to ensure that all children enjoy learning Welsh.

What are the advantages of the Welsh Cymraeg Campus Language Charter?

Raising the standard of the children’s spoken Welsh will have a positive effect on their educational attainment. Research shows that bilingual children achieve better results. We are enthusiastic to work with all parents to raise the amount of Welsh spoken in school. We look forward to updating you with our progress!

Mr Roberts and Miss S. Williams

BBC Wales – Learning Welsh

Welsh Apps & Websites/ Apiau a Gwefenau Cymraeg

Clwb Criw Cymraeg

The Clwb Criw Cymraeg has been up and running since the start of the school term and the pupils’ have been very busy designing their own badges and ‘Croeso’ Posters to help promote the Welsh language across the whole school. Our goal is to help pupils’ see the positive effects of learning new Welsh skills by encouraging children and staff to speak Welsh outside the classroom. The Criw Cymraeg have helped promote Welsh projects and prepared enterprising activities, through informing pupils’ during our weekly Collective Worship assemblies and in distributing the ‘Siaradwr Cymraeg Yr Wythnos’ certificates in our Friday assembly. We look forward to updating you with our progress!


Help out by using some Welsh phrases at home.

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