The children learn following the principles of the Foundation Phase Curriculum where there are 7 areas of development:

  • Language, Literacy and Communication Skills
  • Mathematical Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development
  • Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity
  • Welsh Language Development

The Foundation Phase Curriculum places great emphasis on children learning by doing and through structured and free play experiences.

KEY STAGE 2 (7-11 years):


  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Welsh

FOUNDATION SUBJECTS (taught through a topic-based approach)

  • Art
  • History
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Education
  • Design Technology
  • ICT
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Education

All the Curriculum subjects are compulsory.  If you wish your child to be excluded from Religious Education and Collective Worship on Religious grounds, please inform the Headteacher in writing.


 We strive to ensure that all children who have Additional Learning Needs, whether physical, intellectual, social or emotional, receive the appropriate educational provision and support to enable them to develop to their full potential.

Class teachers plan work to meet the individual needs of all children by differentiating work and providing a range of activities that enable all children to fully access the Curriculum.

Following a period of observation and assessment, concerns regarding a child’s development may be expressed by a parent, Class teacher or other agencies involved in the welfare of the child.  It may be necessary to call on the expertise of outside specialist agencies such as the School Nurse, the Speech and Language Therapist, Inclusion teacher or the Educational Psychologist.  An Individual Education Plan – IEP – will be formulated to target specific areas of need for the child.

Parents of children with Additional Learning Needs will be regularly informed of any steps taken to assist their child’s progress.


 In keeping with the Agreed Syllabus an amount of time is allocated for a daily act of worship.  Every Friday is a Reward service where children are awarded for any particular good work, acts of kindness and following our school rules and values.


Our sex education policy takes into consideration the age and cultural background of the children.  It is delivered as a cross-curricular activity within the curriculums of Knowledge and Understanding of the World and PSE.

The personal beliefs of teachers do not affect the teaching of sex education.


It is the policy of Ysgol Sŵn y Don to ensure that every child is encouraged to fulfil their educational potential regardless of gender, culture, race, additional needs or social background.  The whole school is committed to developing each child to become happy, caring individuals who have respect and appreciation for themselves and others in the society.


Parent’s evenings are held every year.  The first meeting is held in the Autumn term and allows parents an opportunity to meet their child’s new class teacher.  During this first meeting we will also share our Home-School Agreement with you.  A second meeting is held in the Spring term to discuss progress and any concerns.  A third meeting is held in the Summer term to discuss any concerns that arise following the child’s Annual Report.  Parents or the Class teacher can request additional meetings during the school year should any concerns arise.

Children’s progress is continually assessed in all areas of work.  Nursery and Reception children will be assessed during the first six weeks in school.  At the end of Year 2 children are assessed by the Class Teacher to determine an end of Foundation Phase Outcome or Level at the end of Year 6.  Children will also take part in national testing for reading and maths from Year 2 to Year 6.  All parents receive an annual report, written by the child’s class teacher, during the Summer Term.


Children will take home sounds and letters to learn and reading books when the Class Teacher decides the individual child is ready.

Reading books are sent home regularly, we ask that you read with your child and talk about the books they are reading – discuss the story and the characters etc. Reading books that are lost or damaged must be paid for at a cost of £3.00 each.  Children also have access to “Headsprouts” on line reading programme.

On-line maths homework is also available on the RM easi Maths programme.

Other occasional pieces of homework will also be sent home; sometimes this will be a request to bring something into school to share with the rest of the class.

A school reading bag is given to every child when they enter their Reception year; these bags are to safely carry their work and books to and from school.  Any lost bags must be replaced and can be purchased form the School Secretary at a cost of £3.50p each.

Please note – additional homework will not be provided for children away from school due to illness or if they are away on holiday.


We have a small but well stocked library.  All children are given the opportunity to borrow books from the library to share at home.  Parent’s permission must be given before books can be taken home.  Books that are lost or damaged must be paid for at a cost of £3.00 each.


Throughout the school year After School Clubs are run by members of staff, clubs may include: a football skills, drama, gymnastics, games and cookery.  All children are given the opportunity to attend the clubs, normal school rules apply during these sessions.

In Key Stage 2 children are offered the opportunity to take brass and guitar lessons.


Care for the children is the responsibility of all staff, both teaching and non-teaching.  All children, parents, staff and visitors are expected to behave in accordance with the school rules in order to ensure that all children are safe and happy.

Aggressive behaviour, either physical or verbal is not acceptable.  Minor incidents are dealt with by staff; more serious incidents are reported to the Headteacher and parents contacted if necessary – it is important that parents and school work together to resolve any issues.  Deliberate violence towards other children or members of staff will result in a fixed term exclusion.

It is our school ethos to promote good behaviour through a policy of Assertive Discipline, using praise, rewards and positive comments to reinforce good behaviour and manners.


All children will take part in P.E. and it is important that they have a change of clothing for the lesson.

Our P.E. kit: black shorts, white or jade green t-shirt and pumps or trainers, clack tracksuit bottoms can be worn for outdoor activities during cold weather.

Shorts, T-shirts and P.E. bags can be purchased as a set from the School Secretary.

Under no circumstances will school shoes be permitted to be worn during P.E. activities.  For health and safety reasons, long hair must be tied back and no jewellery is to be worn during P.E. activities.  Small stud earrings must be removed or covered with hypo-allergenic surgical tape – that must be provided by parents.

All items of the P.E. kit must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and kept in a P.E. bag which can be left in school, the kit will be sent home for washing every term.

If children are unable to take part in any P.E. activity parents are required to inform the Headteacher in writing.

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